The ‘Point of View’ Project

'After "L'Origine du Monde" by Courbet and Kiefer', Watercolour on Paper
‘After “L’Origine du Monde” by Courbet and Kiefer’, Watercolour on Paper

What do you look like? To answer that question, most of us would instinctively refer to a mirror or photograph. But it seems strange to me to base my visual knowledge of myself on such poor approximations of what others see when they look at me. I should be witness number one, surely.

One day it occurred to me that I need not rely on these mediated views of myself. I can just look down: no need for mirrors or photos. No one else will ever see this. It is inalienably my point of view.

Female bodies are often treated as commodities, as male property, as fair game for aggressive criticism. Feminists call on women to reclaim their bodies. But I don’t want to own my body, to be forever defending it from other people. I just am my body.

These drawings help me remember that the body I see when I look down, is the same body I see with. That I need not lay claim to the body which is JUST ME.

'Self Portrait as the Eiffel Tower', Graphite on Paper
‘Self Portrait as the Eiffel Tower’, Graphite on Paper
'On the phone in tights with one foot missing', graphite on white paper stuck onto black paper
‘On the phone in tights with one foot missing’, graphite on white paper stuck onto black paper
'Kneeling', Graphite on Paper
‘Kneeling’, Graphite on Paper
'P.O.V. Gothic Sway', Air drying Clay
‘P.O.V. Gothic Sway’, Air drying Clay
'P.O.V. Self Portrait', Air Drying Clay
‘P.O.V. Self Portrait’, Air Drying Clay
'Shrugging my Shoulder', Graphite on Paper
‘Shrugging my Shoulder’, Graphite on Paper
Private View

Below are a few pictures of my piece, ‘Private View’, which is a mobile comprised of several P.O.V. watercolour paintings. The experience of being (in) a body is a mobile one, so this seemed an appropriate method of portraying that.


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